Mount Bromo

Sitting in the vast plain called "Sea of Sand", Mount Bromo is an active volcano found in East Java, Indonesia. It towers at 2,329 meters or 7,641 feet. Among the many mountains in Tengger Massif, Mount Bromo is the most famous of all.

The name Bromo was derived from the Hindu God Brahma, pronounced Bromo by the Javanese people. As you know, although Indonesia is an Islam dominated country, Hinduism influenced the country strongly a long, long time ago.

Anyway, depending whether a visit to the mountain is not safe, their Centre for Vulcanology and Disaster Hazard Mitigation would certainly issue a warning. if not, you'll be surprised seeing the lava flowing out out its crater wanting to get to you. Seriously! So, if you are fortunate to pay this great mountain a visit, the best time to see it together with outer volcanoes to the sand sea below, as they showcase their natural beauty, is during sunrise from Mount Penanjakan's viewpoint.


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