Kadayawan Festival 2013

Long before Christianity arrived in the archipelagic country known today as the Philippines, its earlier inhabitants used to worship gods. These include but not limited to trees, plants, and things they believed possesses magical powers.
Particularly in Davao, a city situated in the southern part of the country, ethnic tribes of the distant past would reside at the foot of the great Mount Apo to give thanks and pay respect to the gods, especially to their supreme being called Manama for the bountiful harvest and blessed life.
Because of this ritual, KADAYAWAN, derived from the Mandaya word "madayaw", which means beautiful, valuable or superior became a world-renowned festival. It is a weeklong celebration that coincides to the harvest of the DavaoeƱos where you'll witness at the culmination fresh picked flowers and exotic fruits on a mobile float, and with the people in their colorful costumes dancing happily on the streets.

To the people of Davao, have a blast. Happy Kadayawan Festival.


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