Ngapali Beach - Myanmar

Ngapali Beach is the most popular beach in Myanmar. It can be accessed by flight from Yangon everyday which takes about 35-45 minutes, or a 14 hour drive along the Rakhine Yoma. The beautiful white sandy beach of Ngapali stretches three kilometers from the Bay of Bengal to Rakhine State of Myanmar.

Ngapali is remarkably pristine that doesn't have loud, rowdy bars along its coastline and no vendors selling souvenirs and other stuff that can be annoying sometimes. While being there, one can also enjoy the beauty of coconut groves that stretches as far as the eye can see. Sweet!

Perhaps some of you may ask where does the name Ngapali came from. It is said that the word Ngapali was derived from the word Naple which was first heard from an Italian who got sick. He said Ngapali looked like the Naple Beach in Italy. Ask the Burmese or Rakhine what does Ngapali mean and they will tell you that it doesn't have anything to do with their language. To cut the chase, there is no meaning at all.

Wherever the name was from, let's just enjoy the beach, shall we?


Myanmar holidays tour said...

The word Myanmar "Anyein" means the tenders, the softness, and the grace. Like all the photos very much.Thanks for this post.

nightblastz said...

Thanks for the input Myanmar holidays tour. An added Burmese vocabulary. See you around.

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