The Pride Cities of SE Asia

Singapore skyline
Southeast Asian countries don't just boast natural and man made wonders, flora and fauna, or even its culture. The capital cities are also a must see for their modern and unique architecture of gigantic buildings, museums, and parks.

Check out this short video of the stunning modernity of the Southeast Asian Cities. It was a tedious search looking for a video that features all the Southeast Asian cities. Unfortunately, I didn't find one. The one i got only featured five cities though...

Whatever! Let's just enjoy, OK?


PJ said...

First, let me say thank you for following me. I hope my blog will be unplifting and informative for you as yours is to me.

What "cool' architecture! Your pictures are beautiful! I also read your post about the dolphins. It makes me cringe to think that people have such little regard for God's creatures. The only things I don't mind seeing dead are snakes and bugs! LOL! Sea life is SO beautiful, how could anyone knowingly kill these innocent animals?

God Bless!

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