Jurong Falls - Singapore

The tallest man-made or artificial waterfall in the world is Jurong Falls which is standing at 30 meters high within the African Waterfall Aviary at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. It looks very natural and does not come close to being artificial.

The various species of free-flying birds that roam freely with their different colors are like rainbow that moves. The different species of plants found in the area and the sound of the water plunging down are also relaxing. As Wikipedia puts it "The water plunges over the top of a towering cliff at a rate of140 liters (31 imp gal) per second. The water is recirculated through a meandering stream, that cascades down over a series of levels". Coolness!

The Waterfall Aviary Area is an ideal nesting ground for birds, plants and other living creatures. If you are into bird watching, this is the place to be.

Also, the Jurong Falls is just but one of the things you can enjoy at the park. There are several more which will take your breath away. Visit Singapore and have a first hand experience of its wonders.


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