The Endemism in Palawan

This is a Palawan shrew that looks like the newly discovered one
Recently, another mountain shrew that scientist confirmed is unknown to science and three new species of plants were discovered in Palawan. A Filipino scientist said that the newly discovered shrew is the second species of its kind that can only be found in the province. It has small eyes, long sharp snout, and a soft, downy fur.
This orchid was discovered in 2007 under the same family of the one discovered this year
On the other hand, one of the newly discovered plants was described as an orchid “having a beautiful set of white flowers with golden lip petals.” The orchid was found 1,700 meters above sea level in the stunted summit of the mountain. Click HERE to read the complete article.

Romeo Trono, country director of Conservational International Philippines said, “These noteworthy discoveries and rediscoveries on Mt. Mantalingahan will further strengthen the justification for our recommendation to have this important center of endemism in Palawan declared as protected area,”

There were several discoveries in the Philippines and in the island of Palawan alone. With several discoveries of flora and fauna in Palawan year after year, it is truly safe to say that Palawan is the Last Frontier of the Philippines.


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