Nang Rong Waterfall - Thailand

The beauty of a waterfall cannot be based on its size or even its height for that matter. My perception that the size and height of a waterfall matter is a thing of the past. Situated in HinTang district in the province of Nakon Nayork and gets its water in Khao Yai National Park, Nang Rong Waterfall erased all my doubts and made me believe that beauty is everywhere.
It was in the middle of the day when i got there. The weather was humid and so I was sweating profusely. So i went down the ladder leading to the water. I touched the water and it felt so good. It was so cool that the tingling sensation crawled from the tip of my finger up to the organ that pumps life to my very being.
Enough of being a poet, alright? Well, the water cascades down onto several rocks in different shapes and sizes. The forests surrounding the area with the greens being the majority, and the rainbow colors from flowers make the place even more breathtaking. Couple of resorts are just lurking nearby, waiting for you to attack them (they love being attacked for a night or two, and the longer you stay the better lol).


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