Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam

Ever wonder what the cutie island in the Cambodian south is or who owns it? (Check the map) As you can see it is closer to Cambodia than to Vietnam's mainland town of Ha Tien which is just 46 kilometers away. Well, don't argue with me because Vietnam will surely go to war with you if you claim that it's Cambodia's. Lol. Anyway, this tiny island called Phu Quoc Island is a famous fishing haven of the Vietnamese people. The relatively large number of fish being caught here makes the island a leading producer of fish sauce.
The island of Phu Quoc boast the spectacular beauty of its white sandy beaches, coral gardens offshore, different species of flora and fauna, friendly locals, and slow yet relax atmosphere.
Since many tourists are flocking the island, the Vietnam government decided to develop it into an eco-tourism destination by 2020. Its new international airport capable of accommodating large sized airlines is under construction and promised to be completed by 2012. Sounds nice eh? Well, let's just hope that its beauty will be preserved and won't be short-lived. 

Good luck to our Vietnamese friends. More power to you!


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