Kaeng Song Waterfall - Phitsanulok, Thailand

Phitsanulok particularly the district of Wangtong is blessed with several waterfalls. One such waterfall is Kaeng Song which is clearly visible from the road along the highway of Kilometer 45. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the mountain and the waterfall itself. Also, there are couple of restaurants that lined the bank that offer tire tubes for kids and swimming enthusiast. And for those who don't want to get wet, swan boat paddles are also available for a very minimal fee.
Phitsanulok is landlocked and the waterfall is a tributary with several mesmerizing cascades. It is best viewed during the rainy season as the water volume is high. The water is brown and may not be appealing to some, yet the scenery is nice and the local people enjoy it a lot.

The waterfall can be reached from downtown Phitsanulok at roughly 20 minutes by car. Within the neighboring villages, other waterfalls are just waiting for you. So come and visit the Phitsanulok and the entire South East Asian nations.. A lot of beautiful stuff are in store for you!


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