Sipadan Island - Malaysia

A heaven for divers and a paradise for vacationers, this island in Malaysia called Sipadan Island is one of the best dive sites in the world. Living corals on top of the volcano cone formed this paradise island located in the Celebes Sea in the Malaysian east coast close to Borneo, and at the heart of one of the richest marine habitats in the world.
Divers around the world visit this place to explore and never get tired of it even done couple of times. Why? Because you see paradise right before your eyes! A 3,000 species of fish or more have been named and classified in its ecosystem, and with hundreds of corals species too.
Not only diving and underwater species this famous island is known for because different species of birds such as kingfisher, sunbirds, pigeons and exotic animals like monitor lizard and bats live in the lush jungle of the island. And because people want to protect this Malaysian treasure, it's no wonder why the accommodation facilities in the island was closed in 2004. 

(I do admire the effort exerted in protecting this diving "Mecca" since we don't have much of this left in the world...)


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