National Monument (Monas) Jakarta - Indonesia

The most famous landmark that dominates the Jakarta skyline is its National Monument or commonly known as Monas. It stands at 134 meters, topped with flame covered in gold that weighs about 34 kilograms. The construction of this massive obelisk that symbolizes the Indonesian independence started in 1961, but was not completed until 1975 under President Sukarno.
To get a birds eye view of the city, one can use the lift to go to the peak of the monument (ladder can be used for emergency). The Javanese Sea and the Salak Mountain can be visible even from afar especially if the sky is clear, while a beautiful garden that surrounds the area and the Monas Museum which is full of information about the Indonesian struggle for independence rest at the bottom.
Monas is a striking attraction in Jakarta. It's not just a place for sightseeing because one can enjoy a reflection massage in the garden or play basketball and football for free. It's also educational especially for tourists to know more of the Indonesian History.


akhatam said...

Hmmm.. so Beutiful!
I like That monument, unfortunatelly i never go up there.. hahha

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