Ayeyarwaddy River - Myanmar

Myanmar has lots of rivers that flow from the north down to the southernmost part of the country. During the earlier times and even today, the rivers played and are still playing an important part to the Burmese people for transporting of goods and merchandises (even rice is produced in the Ayeyarwaddy delta). 
Among the many rivers of Myanmar, the Ayeyarwaddy River (formerly known as Irrawaddy River) is the most important and by far the largest. An about 1,550 km (960 miles) long with a total drainage area of about 158,700 square miles (411,000 square km), the river also serves as a commercial waterway to the whole nation stretching from the north to the south before meeting the Andaman Sea.
 People believed that the name "Ayeyarwaddy" meaning "elephant river" came from a Sanskrit word airavati". However, its name was given to the Irrawaddy Dolphin (Orcaella brevistosus) who makes the river its nesting ground. And just so you know, the dolphin can also be found in the sea not just in the river alone : )


Bobi said...

That river sure is a mouthful! The Pagoda and waterfall are absolutely stunning! You really do get around. Great job!

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