Taal Volcano - Philippines

Situated close to the center of Taal Lake in the province of Batangas, Taal Volcano is one of the world's lowest volcanoes standing at 311m above sea level. It is surrounded by a lake which covers 127 sq. km in area, about two meters above sea level and is known to originate from the eruption of pre-historic volcanoes.

The "Why don't you pick someone your own size? thingie" is irrelevant to the world's smallest volcano (yes, you heard me right, the world's smallest.) Small as it is, don't be deluded by its size because it erupted couple of times and claimed thousands of lives. It first erupted in 1752, but the most cathastropic eruptions happened in 1754 and 1911. The 1911 eruption alone claimed more than a thousand lives and spewed ashes even as far as Manila.

Despite the dangers the volcano possess, Taal Volcano is one of the most visited sites in the Philippines. Tourists enjoy the cooler climate and a very refreshing environment within the area. Fruits and vegetables are also in abundance because of its favorably rich soil. They can be bought along the highway or at the market. Having said that, though the volcano look very still from a far, it may explode anytime, so it's better to take extra precaution.  

You've been warned! Wink!.


Bobi said...

Once again, you've outdone yourself! "Taal" in my afrikaans tongue, means "language", but I'm sure it has another meaning where you come from.

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