Areia Branca (Pasir Putih) - East Timor

East Timor achieved its independence and became the newest nation of the 21st century in May 2002. It fought its independence from decades of war with Indonesia that claimed thousands of lives and properties.
After the trauma the country faced during the war, it reopened its doors to foreign visitors. Portuguese architecture, unique culture, and its natural beauty are the things visitors can enjoy while in East Timor. Other than that, one can explore the country's astonishing coastline with golden sand and glistening waters.
The most popular and the most beautiful beach in the country is the cove of Areia Branca (Pasir Putih) or white sand beach in English. Water sports adventures and activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling are the most preferred and liked by all. An added bonus to the beauty of the beach is the fact that Areia Branca is uncongested compared to other South East Asian beaches.

Areia Branca (Pasir Putih) is indeed a beauty to behold.


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