Tabon Cave -The Philippine Cradle of Civilization

Tabon Cave Facade
Tabon Cave is famous for the archeological findings of fossil human bones, claimed to be 22,000 to 24,000 years old. Dr. Robert Fox and his National Museum of the Philippines team, started excavations from 1962 to 1970, and unearthed burial jars, stone tools, animal bones, etc, apart from the very famous Tabon man skull cap remains.
Inside Tabon Cave

There are 200 caves that make up Tabon cave complex, but only one cave is open to the public. Tabon Cave is located in Quezon, a municipality of Palawan in the Philippines. It’s a 138 hectare of rugged cliffs, connected to the Palawan mainland.

Tabon Cave was declared a Museum Reservation Site in 1972, by the Philippine Government because of its importance to Philippine History. It is 155 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City, the province’s capital, and is maintain and manage by the National Museum.


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