Facts about SEA Cities

There are 11 countries that make up South East Asia. They are Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Timor-Leste.

These are the countries which can be found just below China, and Taiwan, east of India and north of Australia.
The ealriest inhabitants of South East Asia are said to be the Ati (Aetas). These people have curly black hair with dark brown skin. They live in mountians and use bow and arrow for hunting. According to the recent study conducted by the Department of Genetics at Stanford University. There were people from south of China. the Tai, and Mon-Khmer-speaking immigrants, also Arabs, Indian, Polynesian and Melanesian who migrated to South East Asia, and traded with its people during the bronze and iron age, so people of SEA are not homogenous and far from being it. Intermarriage was also a factor because the genes of the said countries (people) were evident as well. I guess there is no country in the world who can say they are still homogeneous, is there?

A picture of Aetas with their bows and arrows

Perhaps the country that has the most influence to almost all the countries of SEA is China. This can be debated though (violent reactions are always welcome LOL). There are lots of people who have Chinese blood running through the SEA peoples' veins, which is very evident in people's physical features and skin color. Do you agree? 


Anonymous said...

Great blog I want to read it again and maybe visit all the sites that i havent seen yet in South East Asia. I love it there! I plan to spend the rest of my life in or near South East asia!

Derrick Jones said...

Your so Witty person..so nice and thanks for sharing this photos, facts and history about South East Asia...Hoping that you will add some more...Sooner a youngman Millionaire...Goodluck!!!

Derrick Jones said...

Your such a witty person, and I'm so proud of you...thanks for sharing your knowledge...about South East Asia, the photos,facts and history....sooner your a youngman millionaire too...so share this talents of yours...hoping that you will add more...Goodluck!

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