Ao Manao Beach - Thailand

A beautiful sunrise at Ao Manao Beach in Prachaup Khirikan
Ao Manao is a beach in the touristy province of Prachuap Khirikan located 118.17 kilometers south of Bangkok. Its long beach, fine sand, and the local products being sold along the beach is good for vacation seekers and holiday travelers.
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If you are into adventure, boats can be rented at a very reasonable price to hop from one islet to the other. Or, if you are into fashion and food, you can check out several souvenir shops and food stalls located just across the road. When i was there, the place was jam-packed by local and international visitors so if you don't want many people to spoil your travel, avoid summer trips during the months of March to May.
Well, if you are concern about safety then Ao Manao is the place to be. I haven't mention yet that the beach is within the Thai Air Force Camp premise where officers patrol the place from time to time. I also suggest you wake up early in the morning just before 6am so as to witness the magnificent sunrise. I guarantee that it will take your breath away!


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