Khao Kho - Thailand

Took it before we had our dinner
Khao Kho, translated as Palm Tree Hills, is a district of Petchabun. The name was derived from the Kho trees that grow abundantly in the area. It earned the name The Thai Alps for its cool breeze and mountainous rugged terrain.

The White Temple in downtown Khao Kho

In the past, Khao Kho was a military citadel of the communist. But after years of fighting, it became a top destination for nature lovers and local travelers. The War Monument, built in 1982 on Khao Kho Hill, commemorate soldiers and civilians who fought against communist forces.

My trip to Khao Kho was really memorable. We stayed in a tent that reminds me of my boy scout moment back in grade school. And because the temperature is always low all year round, most especially at night time, having a warm change of clothes is a nice idea. Of course there was no snow. But it was way to cold than i thought.
The fog was starting to cover the entire place

I personally recommend Khao Kho for adventure seekers and for those who want to relax and escape the noise of the city. You'll have fun. Pretty sure of that!


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