Awards Won By Thailand

In 2008 Bangkok was awarded the number one spot in Best City Overall by Travel + Liesure's World's Best Awards. However, it was short-lived because Udaipur in India took the title in 2009. This year, Bangkok reclaimed its title of being number one and was announced in New York on July 8, 2010.

Being the number one city is not just enough because The Peninsula, Bangkok, Four Seasons Resort, Chiang Mai, Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai and Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok  are ranked 7,27,45 and 57 respectively in 100 World's Best Hotels.

Still not enough! Among the Top 15 Resorts in Asia, 5 got in and the Four Seasons Resort, Chiang Mai was ranked 5th. In the Top 25 City Hotels in Asia, The Peninsula, Bangkok got the first rank. And the last but not the least; the islands of Koh Samui and Phuket got the number 4 and 5 in the  Top 5 Islands in Asia.

Thailand bested all nominees and its slogan "Amazing Thailand", fits perfectly. YEAH!

For the complete ranking, here is the link to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Click HERE


Bobi said...

Well done! Well done! Bravo! Whoo-Whoo!! Seriously, congratulations!

nightblastz said...

Thanks Bobi.. Appreciate it!

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