Patuxai - Laos PDR

Built in the sixties the war monument or better known as Patuxai is a symbol of courage of the Laotian people who fought France for independence. After its completion it became one of the main features of Laos and one of the few structures that dominates the Vientiane skyline.  

The word Patuxai (pronounce Pa-too-sai) is a Laotian word that means "Gate of Triumph" and has a close resemblance to that of Arc de Triomphe in Paris. However upon closer look, you will see that the monument has the touch of Laotian architecture designed with Buddhist figures carved on its walls. 

As Pisanu wrote on his bisean blog...

"Notice the intricate designs of the structure. Kinnari figures all over! Very Laotian, very Southeast Asian! The Kinnari (half-woman, half-bird mythical creature), by the way, is the only iconic figure that connects almost all of Southeast Asia – from Siam to LanXang (Laos), from Khmer Empire (Cambodia) to Surigao (Philippines), from Java to Burma. Our ancient people have Kinnaris in their cultures one way or another."
Photo taken by Phil Roeland

Other than those mentioned above, expect some self appointed parking inspectors who will ask for a fee after you park. Lol But of course, the gardens in the park are beautifully planted and manicured where one can relax and have an ice-cream while watching people come and go. So perhaps a penny to park isn't that bad either.

I guess by now no one will discredit Patuxai not being South East Asian: )


josie said...

beautiful indeed, you can just imagine how much time and effort they have spent to do this very intricate and detailed designs, and for tourists these worth the time to visit.

nightblastz said...

@ Josie,
True...Thanks for the comment..

Anonymous said...

Surely looks like the Arc de Triomphe in France. though i've never been to both, i guess this one is more beautiful.

Pat, please feature a lot more historical places in Southeast Asia.


nightblastz said...

I surely will Alfred. Thanks

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