Sukhothai Historical Park - Thailand

Constructed during the Sukhothai era in the 13th and 14th centuries, Sukhothai Historical Park is the most visited attractions of Sukhothai Province ( Sukhothai can be translated as Dawn of Happines). It is located in the northern part of Thailand bordering the provinces of Phitsanulok, Kampaeng Phet, Tak, Uttaradit, Phrae and Lampang. It is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO and being maintained by Thailand's Fine Arts Department.

While inside, one can see the ruins of several temples, the royal palace, and the Wat Mahathat. The latter is the temple that occupies the largest section with a size of about 200 meters square. Thousands of visitors go to the park each year riding a bike, while others set themselves on foot.
The ruins of the temples and monuments of the inside walls are just as amazing as the remains of the outside ruins. One such structure that depicts the life of the Buddha on its art details testify the cultural contact of Sukhothai kingdom with the Khemer empire (sooo fascinating). The park was officially opened in July 1998 and was declared as World Heritage Site on December 12, 1991.
An almost 2 hour of drive by motorbike of Honda Wave 125 from Phitsanulok. Not a big and fast bike, I know. But you know what? since the ruins were amazing, everything was worth it.


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