Cha-Am Beach - Thailand

A touristy place famous for its beach front two hours drive by car from Bangkok, Cha-Am is a district of Petchaburi Province in central Thailand. Several attractions are offered in the area such as temples, golf courses, Royal Palaces and hills that surround the place.
There are also plenty of accommodations to choose from. If you're traveling on budget, small guest houses are like cockroaches that can be seen anywhere. While spas and five star luxury hotels are available for those people who want themselves to be pampered.
Things mentioned above are just but a part of Cha-Am. Since the place is near the sea, great sea foods are offered in most restaurants or by people peddling anywhere. Not to mention the white sandy beaches and the clear blue sky that makes it a perfect place for holiday seekers.
We had an English Camp from March 8-10 in Cha-am so i was off for three days. I enjoyed visiting some interesting places and i will surely make a posting of those. Here are the pics of the sunrise in Cha-Am and the beach where we stayed.


Lola said...

Ooh, I love those photos - what a beautiful view, lol. <3

nightblastz said...

@ Lola

Thanks for the first comment. See you around.

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