Mandalay - Myanmar

Mandalay Hill
Mandalay was the former capital and the last independent Burmese Kingdom (Don't get me wrong, OK? I'm talking of Mandalay in Burma and not the Mandalay in Vegas or the UK Band. This is South East Asian Blog, remember?) It is the second largest city after Yangon (Rangoon). It is also the place where half of the country's monks reside and known for its millionaires.
Chinese Immigrants from Yunan Province and the spread of their culture has reshaped Mandalay for the past twenty years. The industrial and commercial bases of the country has been practically monopolized by them. But the city's monuments and religious buildings are still evidently Burmese. 
Mandalay Palace
A more genuine Burmese city than any other cities of the country, Mandalay is also regarded as the real capital of Burma. It is the main commercial, educational and health center of the Upper Burma. It is also the center of the Burmese culture and the Buddhist learning that lies on the Irrawady River, 600 Kilometers north of Rangoon.

Mandalay - An amazing South East Asian City


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Your blog look very good.I like this:)
I wish you all lovely things and peaces!

nightblastz said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment Kata. I wish you the same..Have a wonderful day.

amasc said...

Have you visited Myanmar? It's pretty high up on my "places I want to go list" but I haven't met anyone whose been recently. Nice looking blog by the way.

nightblastz said...

I have only been to the border of Myanmar and Thailand for a visa run, and never been to the posted article here.

I happen to have a Burmese co-worker who is currently helping me to gather more information about his country.

He has a blog but written in Burmese...You might want to leave him a message. He might be able to help you.

Anonymous said...

this is really nice...the first pic reminds me of Tagaytay Highlands here in the Philippines. nice blog, by the way - alfred

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