Candles in Ubon Ratchathani - Thailand

Ubon Ratchatanee, a relatively unknown to tourists, is situated in the north eastern part of Thailand. It borders Laos in the north and Cambodia in the south.

It prides itself for having natural wonders such as waterfalls, national parks, etc. They are also famous for shops that produce silk.
Ubon celebrates candle festival during the month of July. People from different countries are welcome to participate in the wax sculpting contest. The candles are then taken to Thung Si Mueang, a park in the middle of the city for the evening exhibit. In the morning of Wan Kao Pansa, the candles are paraded on beautifully designed floats through the city center.
I was in Ubon last year for a holiday. I was flabbergasted seeing the designs of the candles (sooooo beautiful!) I truly enjoyed being there. I am looking for the video that i took so i could upload it here. For the time being, here are the pics I personally took.


Anonymous said...

whoah...i'll be goin 'to Thailand this May and I appreciate the informations that youve written here.. very informative.... thanks Nightblastz... --- Charm

nightblastz said...

See you here in Thailand Charm..More comments please hehe..

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