Borobudur Temple - Indonesia

One cannot argue that Borobudur Temple in Indonesia is one of the greatest temples in the world. The name can always be heard from scholars and historians because a conversation is always not complete without its inclusion. Its origin is unknown but thought to have been built around the eight or the ninth century A.D.
Abandoned and was lost for many years due to the rise of Islam faith in Java, the temple became silent that only nature can hear its call. It was rediscovered in 1814, and is now completely restored to its original glory.
Borobudur Temple stands on a hill of six rectangular storeys, forming a stepped-pyramid. It is famous for its stone-carved panels that depicts the life and teachings of Buddha. Perhaps one of its unique features is that the temple is in the form of lotus, the Buddhas sacred flower. Other than that, Borobudur Temple is also included on the list of UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Site.

Amazing isn't it?


taufik said...

nice info sobat...aku dket borobudur lho wkkwkwk

nightblastz said...

@ taufik

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate that.

I'm sorry I was not able to understand your comment after the English words you wrote. I only speak English and Tagalog, just so you know. : )

Bobi said...

Do you take your own photos? They are truly amazing. I expecially like the sunsets.

nightblastz said...

@ Bobi

Some of the photos were taken by me but with regards to the sunsets, sorry..those were not hehe. Thanks for the comment by the way.

Lola said...

Hmm, interesting post! :)

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